Here I share resources to help you on your journey as a busy mama. As a yoga teacher, yoga tools are the best tools I can offer to help you in your health, wellbeing and self-care journey. I also focus on being efficient, 10 minutes a day is where we start in building your self-care habits.

The FREE 10 minute challenge

Join us in this free 10 minutes a day self-care challenge

The FREE 10 minutes a day self-care challenge will help you to gain just 10 minutes a day of profound rest just for you. Every second day for eight days you will receive a free yoga class that can help you to rest deeply, move mindfully or breathe well.

The Gift Guide You Need (Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines etc)

Over 30 gift ideas for the self-care focused mama – birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentines Day

In this guide I have compiled over 30 awesome ideas ranging in price range and time commitment with a focus on self-care or pampering type gifts. You can add these to your wish list or share the post directly with your person.

Do you need help making meditation a habit?

Try this 30 day challenge designed to make your daily meditation habit easily. In this simple challenge you will make a meditation self-care habit with around 10 minutes a day for 30 days. You will receive four practices that you can download and keep forever. This is the brilliance of this – these are tools you get to use forever.

The Ultimate Self-Care Starter Program

Are you convinced you need some self-care and that yoga tools can help you with this? This is the Ultimate Self-Care Starter Program. You will go through the self-care masterclass, download your personal self-care plan worksheet and try several yoga tools (in just 10 minutes a day) to create your own self-care habits.